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Our story

Let’s work together and create something amazing!

We create functional, beautiful interiors for our clients since 1989.

Linea Plus Unique Services

Face lifting of kitchen furniture & bedroom

• completion of the space survey form
• send e-mail photos of the space
• visit to your space (optional)
• design study and presentation of designs in our space

All that for free!

Replacement of kitchen furniture-bedroom wardrobes

• filling in a space measurement form
• sending e-mail photos (analysis?) Of the space
• visit to your place (optional)
• design study and presentation of plans in our area

All that for free!

Technical study

• necessary visit to your place
• kitchen space floor plan design
• 3D kitchen presentation
• analysis of necessary first level materials
• wiring diagram
• hydraulic drawing

For the total of the above services, the cost amounts to € 150.

Our Services

After 30 years of experience in the field of kitchen and wanting to respond to today’s market data, always with professionalism and responsibility, we can help you change and maintain – repair your existing kitchen furniture, saving you effort – time, and money.

We can replace the worn parts of the furniture, add modern mechanisms and even replace the doors and counters so that we can revitalize your old kitchen with a little money, properly and responsibly.

A specialist technician of the company comes to your place and checks the furniture that needs change, and then we give you our suggestions for the kitchen area with a detailed cost.

Restoration of kitchen furniture & bedroom cabinets

Invite us for an appointment in your place or send us some photos of the kitchen space.

After studying the space, we will appoint an appointment in our office to present you cost two alternative suggestions for the restoration or restructuring.

Furniture placement

Our partners with many years of experience in furniture placement can place – assemble your furniture at a low cost.

Installation of new mechanisms

We provide cookers, ovens, and built-in from the top companies.
Choose the best option that meets your criteria.

Analysis of equipment raw materials

After our appointment, we will be able to have a complete analysis of the materials that you will need for the manufacture of furniture.

So that you can even order your own goods in furniture stores and even in woodcrafts your goods disassembled and to be placed.

Change of inflated cabinets, counters & sink

Our partners with many years of experience in furniture placement can place – assemble your furniture at a low cost.

Measurement of the space & redesign of the house

We take if you wish measurements to help you design your home.

Our Team

Our mission and passion are to create the best architecture interior design.

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